Janai Purnima The Sacred Thread

A small country that lies to the North of China has a massive amount of diversities, be it in culture, traditions, festivals, and whatnot. In this blog to we will talk about one of those festivals which lies under the list of lots of other festivals; Janai Purnima.

The changing of sacred thread and meeting family members to share a joyous moment is something that sparkles the soul along with the body. But there are lots of other aspects of this festival.

Janai Purnima History

Well, if we scroll down the history lane, then surely there are lots of myths and realities that will be found. In the case of why Janai Purnima is celebrated, there are lots of stories behind it. When Lord Vishnu won all the world from Bali, Vishnu ordered Bali to live with him in the palace.

Janai Purnima Bath
Janai Purnima Bath

On the other font, Goddess Laxmi didnt like the palace, and she tied a thread to Bali in order to ask for a wish. After being the brother to Laxmi, Bali obeyed the wish of her and freed Vishnu from that palace.

In another story, some say that Lord Indra was fighting the war against King Bali. To the readers who might be unaware, Indra is the deity of sky, rain, thunders, and many more. Indra surely was losing the fight, and his wife Sachi went to Vishnu for help.

Instead of helping her, Vishnu gave her a bracelet laced with protective powers. Sachi came back and made Indra wear it as and when he fought. Ultimately Indra won the battle against Bali, and from the same day, the bra