Budhanilkantha The Sacred Temple in Kathmandu

Budhanilkanta is a holy Hindu temple located in Budhanilkantha, Bagmati, Nepal, where the sculpture of lying Lord Vishnu in the middle of the sacred pond. The temple is situated in the northern part of Kathmandu Valley and just below the Shivapuri Hill.

The status of Lord Vishnu of this temple is considered as one of the largest and decorated stone carving in Nepal.

History of Budhanilkantha

The word Budhanilkantha is driven from Sanskrit, which means “Old Blue Throat” that started with Lord Shiva drinking the poisonous water to save the world. This temple is also called as the Narayanthan Temple by the people of Nepal.

History of Budhanilkantha
History of Budhanilkantha

This temple was built to symbolize Lord Vishnu as one of the ‘Trimurtis’ along with Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva. Some evidence of the temple says that it was build during the 7th century under the rule of Licchavi king Bhimarjuna Dev.

It is believed that no kings of Nepal since the King Pratap Malla had ever visited that temple, and it is said that if kings visited the temple, they would die.

Many scientists and archaeologists tried to examine the status of what it is made of and to verify the floating nature of the sculpture. But no investigations are allowed in religious areas. However, some test doubt that the status was made of silica that helps the status to float on water.

Inside of Temple

This temple of Nepal is unlike other temples that are placed under a roof like, pagoda-style or stupas. Instead, it is an opened roof without many of the small temple buildings with another status of God and goddesses.

Entering the main gate of the temple, you can at once see the holy pond in the middle of the area and the sculpture of Lord Vishnu lying on the bed of snakes. The status also has an image of Buddha at the center to represent and symbolize both Hinduism and Buddhism.

To enter the pond and worship the Budhanilkantha god, you need to wear off your shoes as wearing shoes while entering a holy place symbolize a bad manner.

Inside the Temple
Inside the Temple

There might be questions about whether foreigners are allowed to enter the pond and worship the statue of not. Everyone is allowed to worship God with an open heart, but there is a restriction of taking photographs of the sculpture.

Some Important Facts, you should know:

1. The word Budhanilkantha is derived from Sanskrit word that means “Old Blue Throat” that generated since Lord Shiva drank the poisonous water to save the world.

2. The sculpture is considered as the most beautiful and largest stone-carved statue of Nepal.

3. The statue is 5 meters long floating on the surface of the water and carved of black basalt stone.

4. It is believed that the Budhanilkantha temple was built during the 7th century, and if any kings visited the temple, they would die.

5. The water of Budhanilkantha is believed to be originated from Gosaikunda Lake.

6. Every year on Haribondini Ekadashi, thousands of pilgrims visit this temple to worship Lord Vishnu.

Things to remember while visiting Budhanilkantha

The sacred holy places always have some restrictions to remember as you should be well behaved inside the temple territory. No crude behavior like smoking or drinking is allowed. If seen, you might be taken action by the guards of the temple.

As the sculpture is made on ancient eras with the rare black basalt stone and known as the most beautiful and largest carved stone, there is no permission to capture photographs. Also, while entering the temple, always remember to wear off your shoes to make the temple premise clean.

And the most primary thing to remember while visiting any of the temples is not to create any pollution by throwing wastage or garbage inside or outside the premise except inside the trash.

Is Budhanilkantha Worth Visiting?

If you are a person with religious beliefs and have a concern about holy places like a temple with gods and goddesses, then this place is worth visiting while traveling the Kathmandu city. And, if you are an adrenaline junkie who is only looking for adventure and fun, then there isn’t really much to offer by this place.

Well, if you are heading for the Shivpuri hill, then it is always better for a good start and what might be the excellent start than a blessing of God of goddesses.